Scripting News: “On this day in 1998, Jon Postel died.”

Jon did a lot of good for the internet. For instance he was a central figure in the events that lead to the creation of ICANN.

Coincidentally, I’m sitting in a boardroom in Marina del Rey two blocks up the road from where Jon kept his office. With me are members of the ICANN board of directors – Njeri Rionge, Raimundo Beca, Mike Palage, Vint Cerf, ICANN staff – their CEO Paul Twomey, and Denise Michel, representatives from ICANN’s supporting organizations and advisory committee’s – Bret Fausett, Marilyn Cade, Sharil Tarmizi. We’re talking about the future of ICANN and what kind of a strategic plan we’ll need in order to get there.

Hopefully we’re in sync with where Jon would have wanted us to be.

Thanks for everything Jon.