Scripting News:  “Amyloo is impressed with VeriSign.”

Apparently Amyloo isn’t familiar with Verisign’s habit of playing brinkmanship ICANN over our internet. Apparently neither is Google, Microsoft, Yahoo or eBay for that matter.

Yay. They can run a ping server. They’re also abusing the public trust that we placed in them by virtue of their status as the manager for .com and .net. They are continually threatening the stability of the internet, and therefore the billions of dollars in commerce that run over it, by virtue of their tactics.

You see, Verisign decided to play the “sue ICANN out of existence” game a while back. Problem is, ICANN the Entity seems to have fallen for it and despite having a sizeable chunk of the lawsuit dismissed by the courts, decided to try and play nice by negotiating a proposed settlement with Verisign (in the fiduciary interests of ICANN the Entity of course). Problem is, the interests of ICANN the Community and the Internet Community are a little different than ICANN the Entities short term economic and political concerns and Verisign’s short-term commercial concerns.

And now, despite Verisign doing a remarkable capable job of running, we are being presented with a largely one-sided settlement to a lawsuit that will see domain registration prices double over the next few years, put a billion dollars in Verisign’s pockets and double the size of ICANN’s budget.

I’m undertaking a complete review of the proposed settlement and will post a comprehensive overview of what my concerns are in the next few days. Stay tuned folks, the story definitely ain’t finished yet…