The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century: "The fine folks at Technorati have made it easier for users of Blogware-based blogs to claim their blogs"

We've been collaborating a fair bit with the folks over at Technorati lately. First, we figured out a way to integrate their global search function into a system-wide Blogware component, and now we've worked out a way to make it easier for Blogware users, nay, most weblog users, to simply and easily claim their weblog in Technorati.

Joey deVilla, Tucows developer relations dude extraordinaire, wrote a great overview of how this works and why its important. For a more technical take, check out the corresponding bit he did over at "The Farm", Tucows developer relations weblog, that goes into the why's and wherefore's of RSD and the other techncail bits.

Personally, I'm pleased as punch at how our relationship with Technorati is working out. They've got a great team over there - but you knew that already, didn't you?