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Thank you for choosing Blogware!

Blogware is a web site management tool that helps you share information with friends, family and co-workers in a simple, yet effective way using the popular "blog" style home page. Whether you want to show-off pictures of your grandchildren, brag about your new MP3 player or collaborate with co-workers on new ideas, Blogware is a great way publish what you want to publish, how you want it published only to those people that you want to see it.

There are three types of users within Blogware;

Publishers - Blogware Publishers are users that have paid to have a Blogware account activated in their name. This user is the ultimate controller of a Blogware account and can manage all of the settings within their environment as permitted by Blogware. Publishers can publish and delete articles and photoalbums, give specific users permission to view private content, upload files and generallly administer the Blogware account. Publishers may also be invited by other Publishers to act as "Authors" for other Blogware accounts.  
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Readers - Blogware Readers are typically members of the general public that have signed-up for a free Reader account. Reader are allowed to leave non-anonymous content and view privileged content if a Publisher has given them permission to view that content. Readers can only view privileged content if they have been given explicit permission to do so by the Publisher.  

This user guide is organized into three sections corresponding to the three types of users;

Blogware For Publishers  
Blogware For Authors  
Blogware For Readers  
There is also a fourth general section entitled "Blogging Basics" which is intended to serve as a primer for all users.