February 26, 2003


Well here we are its our second day in Nimbin we had a one night stopover in a place called Murwillambah say that three times fast ;) then we jumped on the bus and headed here we like it very much. We fit in with the relaxed people that live here. The scenery its sooo nice mountains everywhere, the type gorillas play in, Amber saw what she's been waiting to see ---- KanGaRoOs !! she was looking everywhere but finally found a family of four feeding behind the hostel. we'll were gonna go get some groceries for dinner tonight, groceries are CHEAP!! WOOHOOO well take care and we will keep everybody posted.
p.s ross can you give this site a quick once over lookin for any errors or mistakes, amber can't veiw a comment comming from her Mommamia , thanx we love this idea glad we're using it buh bye ......

Posted by gavin at February 26, 2003 08:30 AM
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