March 04, 2003

here in Forster

HI everybody , here we are in Forster and heading to sydney today thanx again for the comments I need them today, as you may or may not know that shadow the rader family cat passed away not to long ago she's up there gettin chased around by Kota i'm sure. Mom good hearin from ya we will call from Sydney : ) miss ya ... Scotty and BIGheD good hearin from ya play safe and share your toyz...... Ross good to hear from ya its us that have been deleting the comments is there a way you can set it that it lists all of the comments not just the five most recent ?? thats why weve been doin it its easier to get the updated ones . but we'd like everybody to get the comments too :) ...........and everyone else WE MISS YA !!! and we will chat soon ........... PoPPa Q6 we gonna call you from Sydney to be by the phone and not with some sexy blonde with big EYES wink wink ........... Penny we'll call you too if your lucky just kidden we will : ) BYEEEEEEEEE

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