Verisign Universal Whois Development Issues, Documents and Positions

In connection with the new Registry Agreements, VeriSign is allocating a part of the $200 million that they have committed for "research, development, and infrastructure improvements to the .com, .net and .org Registries" to "design and develop a Universal Whois Service that will allow public access and effective use of Whois across all Registries and TLDs" The stated intent is for this project to result in a genuinely universal WHOIS service, in other words applicable to all TLDs, including ccTLDs. It is a different project than developing a centralized WHOIS database among the .com, .net and .org registries.


Public Consultations

  • Business & intellectual property: August 15, 2001, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C.
  • International Community: November 15, 2001, Marina del Rey, CA.
  • Civil Liberties groups (held, in conjunction with the CDT): November 19, 2001
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