Creating A Favorites List
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1. Log in to your control panel.
2. Click the "Favorites" tab.
3. In the "Tag Name" field, enter something short and memorable as a
system name for your list. (ie - "wishlist" or "links")
4. In the "Title" field, enter in a name for your list of links that
people will see (ie - "Blogs I Read" or "Places to visit")
5. Pick a sort order.
6. Click createfavorites
7. Add as many URLs as you want.
8. When you're done adding, click the "Look and Feel" tab.
9. Scroll down the bottom where it says "Add Component"
10. Select the name of the favorites list you just created from the
"Component" drop down.
11. Select the location from the "Location Drop" down.
12. click the add button.

Your list of links will now be embedded in your page. You can use the
arrows to fine tune the placement to your liking.