Using Bookmarklets
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Using Bookmarklets

1. Click "Main Menu"

2. Select the "Bookmarklets" subtab (top right)

3. Follow the onscreen instructions for adding the bookmarklet to your
bookmarks list or browser bar.

Now, when you are browsing around the web and you want to add something
to your blog favorites, you can simply click the "Add Favorite" link in
your browser and we'll take care of the rest!

What are "Bookmarklets"?

Have you ever want to save a website address to your blogroll or list of favorites on your Blogware for all of *your* readers to see and use?

Have you even been reading a nifty article and the Register, CNN or Doc Searls weblog and think to yourself "This is bullshit, I should really post a rebuttal to my Blogware." (or int he case of Doc Searls, "this is spot on, I should post a link to my Blogware.")

Well, bookmarklets make it easy to accomplish both of these tasks. We've created two for you to use - one that adds the link of the current website to any blogroll or favorites list that you select and the other that pulls up a window that allows you to post a link to the page that you are currently browsing along with your editorial directly to your blog.

Using them is simple. PV4 users can simply log in to their Blogware administration control panel, and select the "Bookmarklets" sub-tab from the main window. Once the new page has loaded, you should be looking at a control panel page that includes two links; one labelled "Post to 'name of your blog'" and the other "Add Favorite". To add them to your browser, simply click on the link you wish to add and instead of releasing your mouse button, hold it down and "drag" the link to the "Links" menu in Internet Explorer and release the mouse button. If it works, a security warning should pop up and let you know that this may not be a safe link to add (you can ignore this, it is perfectly safe ;). Once you select "Okay" to ignore the security warning, you should have a link in your Links menu that says "Post to 'name of your blog'" or, if you selected the other link , one that says "Add Favorites".

You can experiment with both of these buttons once you've installed them - they work exactly like the functions found elsewhere in Blogware - think of them as "Blogware to go" and you'll be just fine.