February 08, 2003

we made it to tha Kong

whats up everybody ??? were here in Hong Kong its pretty cool from what I can see but I dont know if were gonna hit the city its a little trip , we'll get it on the way back for sure. its about 10 am we have a 11 hr wait ahead of us . feels like were still sittin on the plain countin down the hours but before we know it we should be in Australia cant belive its Sat. what happened to fri ??? weird world travel , well gotta time limit here so i'll finish up WE MISS YOU ALL VERY MUCH !!! hope to hitta mean 420 soon , till next time
Gav+Amber p.s. no tears Staggolee ya sissy !! talk to ya from Aussie

Posted by gavin at February 8, 2003 09:01 AM
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