February 10, 2003

live from Brisbane

Hey everybody !! hows things besides cold...rub rub just kidden . everything is great here were off to Surfers Paradise in the morning should be a blast we've heard nothing but great things from everybody about it so we'll definatly fill everybody in when we know a little more about it. ambers here and she doesnt want to type but she has to anyway....hi.....lol that was amber what an animal eh ?? when I show her how to post i'm sure she'll go nuts with the postings lol well like I was telling a good friend its terribly expensive to use the computers its a whole whopping 4 dollars lol hope its this cheap every where well gotta run so goodbye for now and dont be affraid to add comments..
love Gamber and Avin g'day

Posted by gavin at February 10, 2003 04:15 PM
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