February 13, 2003

hi again

well we ended up puttin 2 bucks into the slot it bought us another 15 mins . kinda pricey but just what we need to post logs thanx for the comments they make us so happy ,hope to see many more . weve met so many people already and not one unhappy british irish american and of course aussies . today we were givin jobs Amber does what amber does best .... laundry didnt you know ? she likes it ,I help clean up around the hostel garbage wiping tables sweeping ect. brainless but definatley worth the free place to stay for as long as we want . Amber was just asked to wash dishes for some extra cash so thats what shes doing tonight YEEHAW well gotta run think its time for my evening fosters lol I think wre gonna go to seaworld tom. and swim with dolphins ambers wanted to do it for a while now . 1 min left

Posted by gavin at February 13, 2003 03:20 PM
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