February 15, 2003

it's me Amber

Hey everyone, It's mya first entry. We are planning on moving soon so we dont get too comfortable. I am planning on swimming with the dolphins before we leave here. There is a Sea World right here. The weather is still great. All sun shine. We are planning on going to Byron Bay next. I promise to send postcards before we leave here. The laundry is still fine but it gets really hot in there. But its all good. We might have found a few people to travel with which could make it more fun. But we dont have any deffinate plans. Thanks everyone who writes on the web page. Its is so nice to read things from home. I miss you guys so much. More than you know. I will write soon and yes MOM is will call you soon too. DAD I'm glad that you figured out the computer. It's about time. CLAY 420 very soon. Nimbin!!! Gina miss you lots and ANITA it was nice to here from you too. AMANDA and ROSS thanks for everything! Gavin says hi to everyone and I will talk to you guys soon!
Love Amber

Posted by gavin at February 15, 2003 07:37 PM
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