February 22, 2003

rainy days

Hey everyone,
Its Amber this time. Well it has rained here for the last five days. They say it's not normal for here but I guess we brought it with us. Our trip was a little delayed but it is now on for Monday. Nimbin and then Byron Bay. We are looking forward to seeing new things. Mom, I hope Florida is wonderful and you are having agood time. Dad, DOn't worry about the matress. Gavin said that you can throw it out if you want. I loved talking to you the other day. It made my day. Call Clay for the computer. He can fix it. 905 428-1669. He will take care of you. Talk to you in a few weeks. Give Bayley a kiis for me. Amanda, Stop eating that junk. Make some food you silly girl. Put heat on your shoulder and stretch it slowly!!!!! Get massage if you can. Aunti Bobbi, Thanks for the e-mail. Say hi back to the kids for me and that I miss them. Kisses and hugs.Stewart, Thanks for saying hi. It was a nice surprise. We will be taking our scuba lessons soon. We will bring back nice pictures for you. Anita, Your e-mail worked. I'm glad that you guys are trying to enjoy the snow. WE miss it in a weird way. Miss you too! Uncle Graham, Hi its Gav better than Ottermere you ask ???? noooo way nothing beats heaven on earth go for a rip on your sled for us. And kiss the kids for me , Cletus, 30 !!!!!!!!!! you maniac WOOOHOOO must of been messy but a load of fun, EVERYBODY PASS ON THE WEB ADDRESS ........... are my parents still alive??? where are they hiding ?? quess thats about wraps it up on this end. I miss everyone lots and keep sending the e-mails. Lots of love,Amber xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxx

Posted by gavin at February 22, 2003 10:00 AM
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