February 19, 2003

what a blast, gotta move on though

Hi everybody i'm sorry that we havent been making that many log entries, the internet cafe finally opened up just below where were staying its five bucks an hour. lastnight I went on a 70's night with a bunch of people from the hostel free drinks for the staff it worked out pretty good except for the walk home everybody disappeared on me ;) was a nice walk only took about 40 mins or so. Today we booked into our next hostel a place Called Nimbin its about an hour away from here inland we've heard good things about it apparently its reallllllly relaxed we were told to wear our worst clothes but still risk being over dressed sounds good to me, After Nimbin we are off to a place called Cape Byron were staying at a place called J's, 70 a night though ouch but its really nice so weve heard and maybe we can pull some strings and work for accomidation the same way we've done here, its been fun here but its time to move on most of the people we've met here aren't cause they've fallin into a rut. -BooZe- the way I think of it I can drink as much as I want at home. We havent figured out where were heading after Cape byron but that comes after we get there I quess. Things are a little differant in Ausland , at night we sit and watch giant fruit bats fly aroung there favorite tree a stones throw from our balcony, theres cockroaches runnin around everywhere at night were gettin used to them I think we'll I am don't know about my bug loving girlfriend though lol apparently they like to shower with Amber haha, she also went face to face with a redback spider (enough poison to kill a small child) : ( but one of our new mates smacked it. well thats about it for now i'll let somemore fun things compile then get back to you guys Love You All and miss ya Too

Posted by gavin at February 19, 2003 09:23 AM
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