March 06, 2003

HAHA more time !!

well amber had leftover time she saved the day !! now I can tell you guys what we've been up to the last couple days 2 days ago we arrived in sydney and found our way from the station acroos the street to our first hostel in Sydney it was Called Syd. Central it was massive it had 17 floors or something, its own club and cafe-restaurant on the first floor we paid 88 bucks but it was deserved we had our own shower and crapper it was great the next day we headed here were in a a hostel called Glebe point it's pretty cool you can tell its run by the cool the hip the groovy all notices and postings are funny, instead of strict and boring its the littel things that count right ??. Well like I said were off towards melbourne soon on the way we will go to the Blue Mountains and Canberra the capitol of Australia to see the old parliment buildings and that sort of jazz well thats about it for now , were having steak for dinner WHOOO HOOO cant wait they have a cool roof top barb-q I saw it yesterday and had to take advantage of it, oh yeah we saw the opera house and harbour bridge that was cool very large but I think we got some cool pictures, I made amber run up the steps of the opera house to get a pic, cant wait to show everybody our photos. well were off.......... Ross- your nuts but thanx for the advice ya gotta watch those wild animals lol weve seen lizards spiders roaches koalas water dragons and fat people but no dingos lol thanx for lookin at the site for us we love it!!!..........Auntie B thanx for the comment we will to do as much skin diving as possible lol and A happy belated to that daredevil of a son you have I can't beleive he's 10 WOW !! soon i'll be sittin around havin some homebrews with him lol ............ Scotty hope your havin fun in the snow, Amanda we will phone when we get our next phone card : ) Everybody else CHEERS!!!!!
ta ta for now love Gav + Amba

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How ya doing Gav+Amber,Sounds like your having a hoot,thats great.Me and BIG/SLED HEAD finished up the first part of those classes,the second part starts tonight.Thats the good news.

The bad news is Craig brought his sled up two stinkkys cottage on the week end.He had it running for mabye a half hour before he hit a rock on the lake.There was a foot of fresh powder on the lake and craig didn't have a chance.Big scene.But fear not he was fine.The sled looked like a write off.But I took the monday off work and brought it to the golf course it was fixed before dinner.Craig was happy.For less than 150 dollers.Wanye is a wizzard.So thats all good now.It scared the hell out me when i saw it happen,not mention his feelings.But i gotta go I'll be in touch

Posted by: Scotty on March 12, 2003 04:59 AM
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