March 08, 2003

Still in Sydney : )

Hi all !! how are you ? were going to go to Manly Beach today it should be good, lastnight I went out it was fun I went to many differant bars, met a fellow canuck and an Indian Guy for some reason all the people I've met from India are awesome so many cool stories and traditions to learn about I quess they are like North americans we have a holiday once a month as do they but is cool hearing about all the differant ones from each country. Well I dont have much to tell you guys about I just wanted to say hello and that we miss ya, when we do something fun , cool or worth telling you guys about we will
love Gav and Amba >>>>> to the BEACH!!!!!

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Manly Beach! Amber's going to be manly too? lol We have oh, prolly a foot of snow (if you include the snowbanks). The snowbanks always make it look like we have way more than we really do. Today it was cold, but sunny. Kids are on March Break, so the city is full of little kids all day long!
I aced Communications - had 96% overall. Final exams this week for Clinical Physio and major presentations for Rehab! Sounds exciting, right? My sister's baby shower was this weekend. 45 women in one house all at the same time. I do not recommend this for anyone. EVER! We had fun though and Patricia and Andy and baby got majorly spoiled. Let's see, Bush wants war, gas is nearly 85 cents today (84.9 to be more exact) nearly 10 cents more than yesterday. If there is more news, someone forget to tell me.

Love ya,
manda xoxoxoxoxo

Posted by: Amanda on March 12, 2003 06:19 AM

Hey! It was really great talking to you both tonight! Ross will be very sad that he missed you :( When he goes to Brazil next week, we won't feel bad for him anymore. With my luck, it'll be 30 below while he's in Brazil. lol Hey! We got your super-awesome postcard yesterday! Ross was amazed at your penmanship, Gavin. He said "I can't believe how incredibly legible my brother's handwriting is." That's a quote from Mr. Rader himself. Elections Canada called tonight for "Rose" Rader!! and apparently I'm Ananba. (for some reason all I can think of is amoeba. LOL)
Love you both,
Manda xo

Posted by: Brown Noser on March 14, 2003 08:07 AM
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