March 17, 2003

Still in Melbourne

Hi all we are still here its been about 5 days now I think we've scratched the idea to get settled in here, its too much like home we need something differant with a little less concrete and more natural beauty, we think were going to tour around the rest of Oz then end up back in the Gold Coast where we started off we loved it there and the people are so much nicer for some strange reason, we were told that Queenslanders where a differant breed we didnt know what that meant but now we've got it figured out I think, we also have great friends up there one from New Zealand an awesome Mauri girl named Jayme shes always happy, we actually traded shirts I gave her a good ol'Molsen Canadian shirt and she gave me a cool shirt with a Mauri (MOWRY) warrior on it its pretty cool, another friend we met is Ken, need I say more about him ??? I will anyway he's a great guy he's working down there aswell he's into standing at the side of the road turning a sign back and forth from stop and slow, good old city work it always pays off, another good friend is from Ireland her name is Shinead she's cool she kept me out of trouble after we went to town on a slab (30 beers) hopefully ken and shinead have moved on as they wanted to but I think they are happy up in Surfers Paradise, well were off to Tazmania in the morning were looking forward to it, great scenery for pictures, were there for 4 nights and three days then were off to Adelaide. we will keep you guys posted on our every move ...... bye for now ......... Hi Grandpa !!- we found many of those beaches you were telling me about (the ones you got lost on and Grandma had to find you ) hehe ......... uncle Graham thanx for posting and showing Grandpa the site I hope he enjoyed it as much as we do, don't worry about my beer consumption i'm having enough suds for everybody, I think GUiNeSS is in Order Today being St. Patties day, as far as sled and toys with pistinsI wish I knew more about repairs but the only thing I can do now is try to use this brain of mine and keep every machine I get on in one peice, minus any sort of three wheeled machine, ....... AUNTY Tannis HAPPY BELATED !!! HOPE IT WAS FUN, well everybody we'll talk soon
p.s. i'd love to call you guys in my spare time if you'd like to leave your number i'll give you a surprise phone call one day : )
Love Gavin

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