March 18, 2003

In Tazmania

Hey everyone,
It's Amber this time. Well we made it Taz. the flight was short and sweet. It was only an hour or so. Gavin and I went for a walk already today and have taken some nice pictures. Hobart is pretty big with lots to see. Mountains all over the place with houses built right into them. It looks kinda like Italy. Really nice. Our hostle is right on the water and above a bar so you can imagine how happy Gavin is now! hehe. We have four days here and expect to do a few tours while we are here. There is lots to see. Thanks Len for the posting we will let you know if we need anything. Thanks for asking. Amanda, good luck with the projects I'm sure they will turn out good. Brown noser!!!!! Well we will talk to everyone soon and Hi to Granpa for the firsttime. It was nice to see you on the computer. Later. Love Amber

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Hey now, where you at baby? Ross has had a cold in Brazil and does not appear to be having such a great time :( Crummy! Placement in 2 weeks! ACK! The place I'm going though is nice - big, busy and they have two locations both fairly close to home. Love it. (Joanne Fabrics right across the street hmmmmmm)
Hey, Keyzia turns 1 on March 29!! Can you believe it?
Love you,
manda xo

Posted by: Amanda on March 27, 2003 10:30 AM
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