April 17, 2003

Back in Brizzie

Hey evryone,
It's Amber again. WE have arrived where we started two months ago. Back in Brisbane. It's nice to see some familiar things instead of a new city or place every couple of days. We are planning on going to the zoo this time and taking some more pictures. WE will be here for easter and Happy Easter to everyone. Don't fill yourselves too full of chocolate! But you know I will. CAll me a junk food junkie. Anyway, this is just a quick one to let you guys know that thigns are still fine and Gavin is looking forward to working soon. Me on the other hand I plan on sitting on my butt for a while. Sounds like fun. Miss everyone soooooo much and thanks for still writing to us. We love readind the entries. Talk soon,

Love Amber

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