April 14, 2003


Hello every body !! how ya doin?? we're in a place called Noosa north shore retreat its amazing we don't want to leave anytime soon. Theres wild grey Kangaroos everywhere its awesome to sit by the pool and watch this. We are pretty far from all the touristy overpriced bit. We have a free ferry pass that was included in the price of the hostel. It takes us back and fgorth as we please to shop or treat ourselved to dinner. We've been here for about 4 days and plan on staying 2 more before we head to Brizzie and look into flights to Sydney so I can start to work YEE-HAW should be fun. thats about it for now. Back to the pool I guess !! bye for now
Gavin and Amber

Posted by gavin at April 14, 2003 12:29 PM | TrackBack

hey guys,
glad to hear your still enjoying yourselves. must be so amazing to sit by the pool and see all those kangaroos. thats so cool.
our weather is finally turning. we are supposed to get up to 18 today! yay!
but alas no pools or kangaroos!

love allyson

Posted by: Allyson on April 14, 2003 09:37 PM

hey guys...me again...i was just checking out noosa and stuff on the net...did you know you can go camel riding...thats crazy...and...you can take your car to the spa! its an underbody car spa..to remove all the salt and sand from under your vehicle after the beach! thats so funny, of all the spas to go to...

Posted by: Me again on April 14, 2003 09:43 PM

Ok, I didn't see a kangaroo today, but I did see a bunny! A lady in my building was outside with her pet bunny! He's soooo cute! I want a bunny! First day at the clinic today! I only tortured one patient. ;) I work 11-8 so I don't get home until late. Today was an earlier day because it was the first day. It's a nice clinic. No OHIP at our clinic. Private, car accidents and WSIB. The staff are all trying to get me to quit school and just work there. ha! Wait till they get to know me better, right?

Do you both know where you'll be working? Grandma and Grandpa phoned us this weekend and were asking about you two. Gav, have you already got a job at a golf course? I still think that sounds like an exotic job - working on a golf course in Australia. They need physio students over there - maybe I should come for a visit ;) It was balmy and tropical in the city today. Cold in the morning going to the clinic and hot on the way home! A warm breeze! Can you imagine? Oh yeah, right. You're on the beach. (I'm wrinkling up my nose at you in disgust)(ok it's just jealousy).
You know, if you are feeling homesick, just keep reminding yourselves out loud "it's just for a year". I've been doing that since I started school. I've missed out on all kinds of functions and things - babies being born, showers, family get togethers, etc. It is only one year. There will be more functions to attend next year and your family will all be here waiting for you. You'll have had all these wonderful experiences that you never would have had otherwise. And when you get back and you do your rounds of visiting all of us (and we'll have only boring regular-every-day news for you) you'll marvel at how fast the time flew by and you'll say "it feels like just yesterday we were on the beach, swimming with dolphins and watching the kangaroos". Enjoy it now. We are all right there with you in spirit and right here on the web. We're not far. Promise!
Now quit reading this and get back on the beach!!! We should have made a flat Stanley for you to take with you. HA!
Love Manda (PTA student with an attitude)

Posted by: Amanda on April 15, 2003 08:58 AM

What a day! So, this morning as I was leaving for work - another day at the clinic - and I'm in the elevator - power outage throughout our whole neighbourhood. I was rescued by five firemen. Hallelujah, praise the Lord. Amen. All the women at the clinic wanted to hear all about the firemen! I was in there for nearly an hour with a neighbour of ours, a very nice older man. We were in complete darkness. Couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. It's actually pretty upsetting. I don't remember getting to the clinic after that. I think the full moon has something against me. Long day at the clinic. It was like an oven in there. I'm going to go soak my poor feet! It's so nice out even right now at 9:30. No coat - short sleeves. Nice! We're supposed to get freezing rain tomorrow night, however. So I'll have to let you know how that goes. lol

Love, manda xo

Posted by: Amanda on April 16, 2003 09:43 AM
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