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The 2012 Top 15 Search Terms on Byte.org

This blog gets a lot of traffic referred from Google Searches. Google is cool enough to share those searches and WordPress is cool enough to report on them. Here is a list of the top 15 most common terms that people search on before clicking through on a link that brings them to byte.org from Google.

I offer them with no explanation, because frankly, some of them don’t make a lot of sense :)

  1. layne staley
  2. byte
  3. ross rader
  4. filez and warez
  5. this is bullshit
  6. 10 point timeline
  7. twitter 4
  8. i don’t like twitter
  9. i really like twitter
  10. jim grey cira
  11. sopa greed
  12. customer service face to face
  13. microsoft clippy
  14. did pornhub get shutdown?
  15. gates vs jobs