Mon, 29 Jul 2002 14:20:33 GMT
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According to William Walsh in a post to the ICANN GA List, a recent anonymous post to the GA regarding the Johnson v. Verisign litigation was actually written by "...a long time list participant, and in fact, someone who works for one of Verisign's competitors." He notes that "...anyone with a smidgen of technical ability..." should be able to figure out who the author actually is.

While the content of the anonymous post isn't all that exciting - just a pointer to yet more allegations against Verisign in one of ICANN's public forums, the thought that a member of the GA and fellow registrar would abuse the GA list in such a manner is repugnant. The GA has enough to deal with in managing the inanities of John Palmer and Jeff Williams - it certainly doesn't need more coming from a registrar with an axe to grind.

Whomever actually posted this has dropped about three notches on my credibility scale. As Kennedy once said (Ted, not JF.) "Never sacrifice your political convictions or integrity for the convenience of the hour." While perhaps not the best source of advice in this regard, the statement holds truth.

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