June 13, 2003


Leslie Daigle, chair of the IAB, has penned and published an internet draft entitled WHOIS Protocol Specification.


   This document updates the specification of the WHOIS protocol,
   thereby obsoleting RFC954 [1].  The update is intended to remove the
   material from RFC954 that does not have to do with the on-the-wire
   protocol, and is no longer applicable in today's Internet.  This
   document does not attempt to change or update the protocol per se, or
   document other uses of the protocol that have come into existence
   since the publication of RFC954.
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June 09, 2003

More from the OECD...

Demys News Service, UK - 4 hours ago
[via ICANN Googlenews]
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June 06, 2003

Roessler's Call Notes

Another great set of notes from Another WHOIS conference call

Thanks again to Thomas for volunteering to do this.

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Meet the WWPC

ICANN has announced the composition of their Whois Workshop Planning Committee.
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May 30, 2003

Notes from Whois Telecon...

The community Whois teleconference happened this AM. Thomas Roessler undertook the herculean task of blogging the entire call.


Having done this once before (and smartened up quickly after doing so) I can say that this takes huge effort. I will post my own thoughts on the call later today.

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May 28, 2003

ICANNWatch on the Whois Telecon

ICANNWatch published my recent message to the registrar list with editorial that characterizes the Whois teleconference as being;
  • Outside the process
  • Geared towards creating a common position
I appreciate the added publicity, but this is not an entirely accurate representation of the event as planned... Continue reading "ICANNWatch on the Whois Telecon"
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May 23, 2003

Navigating the Policy Implications of RFC 954 and Domain Name Whois in the gTLD Environment


There have been many discussions1 regarding the policy implications of Whois within the ICANN community over the past few years. They have been an important part of the process.

In order to fulfill ICANN’s mandate, the community must resolve technical coordination issues by rooting operational policies in the fertile ground created by a widespread understanding of the salient issues and sometimes differing points of view. We must avoid unintended consequences and ensure that our decisions remain relevant – for the entire range of stakeholders – for an appropriate amount of time into the future Continue reading "Navigating the Policy Implications of RFC 954 and Domain Name Whois in the gTLD Environment"

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Invitation to an Open Telecon on Whois

I said "Next week, there will be a community sponsored, open teleconference to discuss how we can work within the ICANN process to start implementing first steps towards a Whois that more appropriately suits the needs of all affected stakeholders. There has been a lot of talk on the various issues, public and private, but no actual sign-posts erected that would allow us to see this issue towards a logical and appropriate conclusion. This will not, of course, replace the policy development process, but provide inputs to it and hopefully, early relief on key issues such as access to data, privacy and accuracy." [via GNSO Registrars Mailing List] Continue reading "Invitation to an Open Telecon on Whois"
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I've created this new category to track the development of the Whois issue with the ICANN community. There's a lot going on in this area, and it makes sense for someone to start keeping track of the various efforts and positions that are coming out. Continue reading "Welcome"
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