May 14, 2003


Thanks for the kind words and assistance today. It turns out that it was the power supply taking a nose dive. Swapping it out for a new one completely fixed the problem - no data loss, no confuckted components. Now I just need to figure out where to put all of this gear.
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May 13, 2003

Fzzt! pOPP!! Holy Crap!

Ummm...when your computer goes pOPP!! and a bright blue flash shoots out of the back kind of simultaneously...

What does that mean? Ungoodness...hopefully my data and components are okay - I really hope that the sound and fury that I heard was a dying power supply - and nothing on the machine got futzed...agh. Any kind words would be appreciated.

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Divorcing /. - A Pictoblog in Three Parts

When I came in this morning, I noticed that Newzcrawler was displaying these headlines coming from

Needless to say, I became quickly concerned that I had violated one of the most important rules of aggregation - Thou shalt not abuse thine hosts content feed. So I double checked the frequency that I had set to pull the slashdot feed.

I quickly realized that there was an easy way to fix all of this.

I haven't really read slashdot all that much lately anyways.

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May 11, 2003

Excuse me?

I was at the fish market yesterday and dude behind the counter notices my Tucows t-shirt.

"You work there?" he says.


"What about idirect? Did you ever work for idirect?"


"I used to do most of their PR."

I first started working for idirect, a predecessor company of Tucows in mid-September, 1994. I ran tech support for a while, ran marketing for a while, ran the corporate sales group for a while. When Tucows split-off from idirect in 1999, I did the domains thing for a while, now I'm doing other things.

I've never heard of fish-guy.

Small world. I guess.

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January 24, 2003

Fri, 24 Jan 2003 05:58:37 GMT

ahhh...its the email that I get that makes all of this so much fun. Scott swears that its spelled "knarley" and even funnier, I just had someone drop me a note asking me what a mock spammer was. *Ahem*. I was using it in a verb sense, not in the adjective sense. Made me laugh though. Scott also recommended that I cut back on the trolling a little bit (it sounded much more threatening when he said it...) which makes some sense - I do need some snooze.
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January 23, 2003

You can tell its a slow day when...

I have nothing better to do than arrange fights between readers and mock spammers. Apparently there are two other people that read this blog as well - Scott, meet Joe. Joe, meet Scott. Joe and Scott, meet Dan and a bunch of Dan's co-workers. Scott - Dan thinks have no taste in blogs and Joe said he'd rough you up unless you lightened up...or something like that. I suppose that all of this is better than ranting about Radio.
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Thu, 23 Jan 2003 22:34:36 GMT

Scott says my blog sucks and that no one reads it. thhppppt to Scottie-o.
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December 01, 2002

Sun, 01 Dec 2002 17:42:31 GMT

Today's to-do list:

Everything closes in five and a half hours....lets see how much this I can get done.

  1. Go to office, organize files, throw out eighteen million drafts of the whois and transfers TF reports.
  2. Go back to office and grab the envelope containing the receipts for all the expenses that you haven't filed for the last year.
  3. Go to Walmart and see if you can find a strap to replace the one for the fake Rolex that you bought in China.
  4. Go to supermarket and buy a bunch of stuff for lasagna.
  5. Go back to office and grab the recipe that you forgot to pickup off the VPN printer the first time you were there.
  6. Go to Sears and see if they have replacement dinner plates for our set.
  7. Go to bank, make deposit.
  8. Go home, make Lasagna, do Garfield impersonation, watch Alias.


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November 05, 2002


In some parts of the apartment, the WiFi tends to get sluggish. I've found that squeezing the Aironet card between my thumb and forefinger tends to help the packets find their source more readily. I guess that my body acts as some sort of wet antenna that improves the reception of the card.


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July 30, 2002

Of Apples & Hand Grenades: The differing views of the ICANN and IETF Rank and File

Apples and Hand Grenades... "peterd" makes some interesting points over at ICANNWatch regarding the gap the lies between the views of the IETF'ers and those of the ICANN'ites. More from me on this point tomorrow...
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July 29, 2002

Mon, 29 Jul 2002 22:08:27 GMT

VeriSign lied in ICANN race case. The Register Jul 29 2002 1:36PM ET [Moreover - Domain name news] News travels fast...(thanks for the link plug you carrion pickers ;)
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July 25, 2002

Fri, 26 Jul 2002 01:38:29 GMT

Hi stacey. Hope you enjoyed the picnic. When you get this message check out
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Thu, 25 Jul 2002 14:16:27 GMT

INT Media Group preps rebranding [Dotcom Scoop]

Fascinating Jim. is one of those old skool firms that just keeps plugging. I've never been particularly engaged by their content, but each to his own. Its great to hear that they've picked up some of the Jupiter assets - INT has some great talent in this area and might actually be able to make a go of it. Good luck folks!

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July 24, 2002

Wed, 24 Jul 2002 23:39:03 GMT

Congress is preparing to consider a proposal that would authorize copyright holders to disable PCs used for illicit file trading--a step critics say amounts to vigilante justice. [CNET]...

I suppose that this would only be fair. Considering that the Internet has been hacking on Hollywood content for years ;)

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