FTC Probes VeriSign Marketing
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Not much to say about this one other than the obvious which is to note that the FTC web site doesn't have much to say on the subject...

On one hand, Reuters is a very credible source for this story, but on the other, "a source close to the probe" doesn't really make it a "fact" in my mind.

Regardless, my personal conjecture is that this story is spot on (Verisign pretty much confirms it in the article). It will be interesting to see what further commentary develops within industry circles.

If it is true, it will be interesting to see what the findings are and whether or not Verisign re-uses their "government contractor immunity" defence that has served them very well in the past (or whether it would even be relevant as my layman's understanding of the pgMedia case is that it was anti-trust specific...come to think of it...would they qualify for anti-trust immunity now? The Interland reference is also interesting, especially given some of the prior associations that the news media has made. (Hmm...let's hope a lawyer with some insight decides to fire up his or her blog machinery and answer some of these tough questions...:).

There is one thing for certain, there is going to be much to be said on the subject over the coming months...

(Hmm...I suppose that there was a bit to say on this one ;)

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