Radio would be useful to ICANN participants...
[Posted to Random Bytes on August 10, 2002 09:09 AM| Links to this post ]

Brett makes a lot of great points (and pointers) in this snippet over at icann.Blog concerning the s/n ratio of discussion lists and why blogs are particularly helpful at eliminating that phenom. I couldn't agree with the analyses put forth - blog don't allow goofballs to disrupt the discourse. He also mentions that perhaps "it's time to get ICANN its own Radio community server."

I've been talking to Tim about this in a roundabout way lately. Its not easy for the various constituencies, councils, task forces, teams and individuals that make up the process to share information. The technical and social barriers have created a situation whereby it is often to expensive (on number of levels, not just economic) for information to be share within ICANN's various substructures. Not only would Radio help Tim out as Secretary of the RC, but also likely with his consultancy. And, as they say, where there's one, there's more. This might make for an interesting experiment - and I would welcome the resulting S/N ratio.

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