What I learned about Users - Part I
[Posted to Random Bytes on August 24, 2002 08:25 AM| Links to this post ]

For a good part of this week I was rather excited that I had something nifty to do this weekend. Respond to email. But this wasn't just any email. The email that I was excited about contained *answers* to musings that I had posed concerning the identity of Users. So its not so much that I was excited about interacting with my favorite POP3 server yet again, but rather, I was impressed by the fact that I was about to learn something new.

It turns out that Danny Younger read some of my "not quite talking to myself" mutterances about Users and forwarded them off for the general digestion of the group that hangs out on the atlarge-discuss mailing list. I didn't figure this out right away but when he posted the original message, he cc'ed my "athome" email address rather than the one that I use for my professional activities. Needless to say, the one that I use for work gets checked a lot more often than the one that I use at home. I happened to glance at the box on Wednesday and noticed that I had a whack of new message. I was pretty pleased when I saw the subject lines pop up in my mail client. People had actually taken the time to answer the questions that I had put forth. "Neat," I thought.

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