Floating Integrity Registrar
[Posted to Random Bytes on August 28, 2002 11:52 PM| Links to this post ]

Richard Henderson has put forward an interesting idea on the At-large-discuss mailing list. There are three big obstacles lie ahead for his plans - funding, ICANN policy and making the business case work.

First and foremost, gaining accreditation and certification isn't a trivial exercise - it requires time and capital. Second, 20% of revenue is a big slice for any company to donate - especially one that wants to play in such a competitive space. Lastly, I have to wonder if ICANN policy can be truly supportive of such a lofty goal. While it is one thing to desire that registrants feel safe, the current policy infrastructure doesn't completely support these goals.

I would however welcome his team at the registrar table to work together on that last niggly point. ;)

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