From Mosaic to Mozilla and back again....
[Posted to Random Bytes on September 15, 2002 08:14 PM| Links to this post ]

I had similar thoughts to the ones that Jamie had after I tried some of the toys Brett was talking about. I found Feedreader was a reasonable (read: free) first step although Newzcrawler goes much further in the right direction. This kind of talk brings me back to Andreesen's first exuberant vision for the original Mosaic - the browser, the entry point, the portal to the Internet - the client software that made things available in an organized manner.

" was a fairly simple application of just pulling the two halves together.  The networking works great.  The desktop user interface works great.  All we really tried to do was to pull them together" - Andreesen, 1995

Hmm...what's taking them so long.

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