TR Launches ISMAN
[Posted to Random Bytes on October 16, 2002 07:57 AM| Links to this post ]

If you are interested in keeping ahead of the curve as it relates to developments at ICANN's meeting next week in Shanghai, you might want to check out Thomas Roessler's very excellent (but cumbersomely titled) "ICANN Shanghai Meetings Aggregated News from the Blogs" Blog. This has been tried before with other events and worked quite well.

I'm really looking forward to see how this works out in the ICANN context. What hasn't been said is that a resource like this is a wonderful replacement for coordinative lists like the GA mailing list. While some might bristle at the suggestion that RSS feeds could possibly be considered as a replacement for an interactive forum, Radio, and tools like it, have many features that really make them shine in a context like this. For instance, I don't know about you, but dealing with bad or useless information from entities that don't add to the process isn't high on my list of priorities. Radio allows me to choose the sources that I interact with, Majordomo forces that choice on me. Even if interaction doesn't get this radical in the near-term, there are other, much simpler things that can be done today to streamline the accessibility and transparency of ICANN.

For those of you that attend ICANN meetings, you already realize that this resource will soon be called the "ISMANBlog" so that no one has a clue what we're all talking about. :) Also, I get the sense from the URL [?] that Thomas will likely be re-purposing this blog tool for other events - you might just want to bookmark it.

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