First morning in Shanghai
[Posted to Random Bytes on October 26, 2002 05:02 PM| Links to this post ]

Its 4:45am here in Shangai - we made it :) Got in yesterday afternoon local time, grabbed some food around six (mmm...real chinese food :) and was in bed sleeping by 8:30. I'm hoping that I've shaken off the jet lag, but the fact that I'm online at 5:30 in the morning might indicate otherwise ;) Time to check my email, figure out how to turn a 60 page policy recommendation into a powerpoint presentation and try and finish it all off before 6:30am when the restaurant opens.

12 hours of China was not what I expected - more on that later when I've had a chance to soak up more of the scene. Packets are flowing freely on the third floor of the Oriental Riverside. Both my e740 and my Cisco Aironet picked up an open access point within seconds (hint: no SSID, no WEP).

Michael Froomkin had some comments on my Yellow Kids post, more on that later as well. 323 messages await...

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