Sun, 01 Dec 2002 17:42:31 GMT
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Today's to-do list:

Everything closes in five and a half hours....lets see how much this I can get done.

  1. Go to office, organize files, throw out eighteen million drafts of the whois and transfers TF reports.
  2. Go back to office and grab the envelope containing the receipts for all the expenses that you haven't filed for the last year.
  3. Go to Walmart and see if you can find a strap to replace the one for the fake Rolex that you bought in China.
  4. Go to supermarket and buy a bunch of stuff for lasagna.
  5. Go back to office and grab the recipe that you forgot to pickup off the VPN printer the first time you were there.
  6. Go to Sears and see if they have replacement dinner plates for our set.
  7. Go to bank, make deposit.
  8. Go home, make Lasagna, do Garfield impersonation, watch Alias.


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