Thu, 12 Dec 2002 06:03:51 GMT
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I'll be leaving for ICANN's annual meeting tomorrow. Its just the usual small crew from Tucows going. I'll try and file some updates over the next few days as things come up but given the tight schedule and limited agenda, I can't promise anything, but if something does come up, I will try to file a blog. I say 'try' simply because I've taken to using Radio as a 'server' app and file most of my posts via email. If Radio or my 'server' crashes over the next few days, I'll simply flood the blog when I get back Tuesday AM. Look for notes on Transfers, Whois, ICANN 2.0, the new CEO and some thoughts on new gTLDs. Weather in Amsterdam is supposed to be cool, Toronto-style cool that is, so I won't have much to adjust to. Also, if you are attending, ICANN Staffer and on-site tech honcho passes on that wires will be in short supply, but Wi-Fi will be in as many spots as possible with more than enough addresses available. Leave your dongles at home folks. Special bonus for 802.11 users - none of the Internet Cafes that I've been to in Amsterdam authenticate and charge wi-fi users. This may have changed over the last few months, but there might be a chance that you can nick some coffee, brownies and IP all in the same spot without breaking the bank ;) If you are going and want to get together, drop me a note.
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