Tue, 07 Jan 2003 23:26:53 GMT
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I try and keep my nose out of local issues when it comes to the ccTLDs (except for the one belonging to my great country of Canada), so don't take this comment as anything but an excerpt that resonates with me for reasons other than those which Nominet intended. Anyways, in their filing, they state that "Since the majority of ccTLD managers are not "natural persons", but rather corporations, associations or some other form of legal entity, the ccNSO members should be these legal entitites."(sic) The point that resonates here is that company's can and should be members of the various elements of ICANN. This is something that I've long believed that needs greater emphasis at the constituency level. I mean, when someone is appointed to a Task Force, gets elected to a committee or even gets up and speaks, it, all too often, isn't clear on who is standing in front of you - the corporation, or the individual. I'd like to see some constituencies pick up the ball and write in some rules that give greater credence to the "corporation as member" concept.
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