MT 0, Me 1
[Posted to Random Bytes on January 10, 2003 05:52 PM| Links to this post ]
In setting up the new blog, I've been pleasantly surprised quite a few times. There is still far too much complexity in their system, but the positive results have thus far exceeded any obstacles that I've run into (Joe would have a substantially different opinion I fear - perhaps it is more of a pleasure working with Joe than it is working with MT ;) One thing that I have discovered is the wicked combination that Newzcrawler's Aggregator is when combined with the Newzcrawler Blog Client, MT's XML-RPC interface and MT itself. This is exactly what I wanted from a blog refinery in the first place. Data goes in, content comes out. MT has thus far left me with the feeling that I've been doing something productive, whereas Radio always left me feeling like I was tinkering around with something until it worked.
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