Tue, 14 Jan 2003 04:23:58 GMT
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A reader points out that it is pretty easy to get content out of data using the backup facilities that exist within the configuration (both XML and HTML). I guess I shouldn't be so hard on Radio/Dave because the reader is right - it is easy to get data out of Radio. My problem is that there's nothing that will seem to take the data. The reader also points out that I can always just cut-over and leave the archives in static HTML. This has always been my last case option - I really want to keep the content in the content management system.

As a sidenote, I never realized how testy I got when I've got a splitting headache. Little things like this shouldn't put me into rant mode. Something for next years resolution list I suppose.

Now lets figure out how Elliot can manage the entirety of his content inline and I can write off all of that last post.

(And lest you think that I'm just picking on Dave because I'm in the process of abandoning his software, I'm starting to piece together a whiney list of MT's deficiencies as well...static HTML? Feh.)
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