Remembrance of The Real Options Approach to Network-based Service Architecture
[Posted to Random Bytes on January 24, 2003 12:08 AM| Links to this post ]
I met Mark the first time a few years back at a seminar that Lessig put together with some help from Red Hat and a few other organizations. The event was really my first exposure to what living in an e2e world meant. It was a rather heady event (I see stars) and I can still clearly hear Mark proudly describing his new paper to Denton, Isenberg, Auerbach and myself over dinner.

Earlier this same evening I was exposed to the fact, for the first time, that Verisign might have to give up dotORG some day in order to keep what would ultimately be left of their monopoly. It didn't happen as quickly as was implied that night, but a few years later its nice to look back on the wisdom of that conversation with the knowledge that PIR is in place helping all of us make a new history that doesn't revolve around a monopoly.

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