More Tweaks...
[Posted to The Changeblog on January 27, 2003 04:24 PM| Links to this post ]

A lot more tweaks went in place today. In the process of working through a blog installed for internal use (reminder to self: make a corporate donation to I uncovered a lot of tweaks that needed to be made to the default templates - far too many to enumerate here, but suffice to say, I think we're done with the tweaking of both.

This should put me in the position of doing the final few things that I need to do to take live under the new look and feel as well as cut-over the internal project to live this week as well. While the tool is definitely easier to use than Radio, I can't say that this is at the point where I'd want to allow my dad to use it yet - too many knobs to break off ;)

Lastly, I'm pleased to note that I've found a way to import all of my Radio items into MovableType. The problem is that I have to go "old skool" to do it: cut and paste. Needless to say I've got mixed feelings about this. On one hand it means that I can finally put to rest the question of where the content lives, on the other hand I've got 289 (according to Joe) entries to manually import and massage. Hat's off to the software architects that made this easy to do and raspberry's to those that didn't.

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