Mo' blogging, Mo' problems...
[Posted to on January 28, 2003 08:37 AM| Links to this post ]

In the spirit of the dynamic that this bit over at Techdirt describes, I'd like to propose that a whole whack of new blogging terms be invented.

In addition to "Moblogging", which is presumably a contraction of "Mobile Blogging" (lets ignore the fact that this is actually a nested contraction because that would mean that we would have to once and for all settle what "blog" is a contraction for), we need some other contractions that can act as convenient labels for the following behaviors;

  • Blogging in your underwear (Underblogging?)
  • Blogging in the winter (Toblogganing?)
  • Elitist Bloggers (Snogs?)
  • Racist Bloggers (KKKloggers?)

Ahhh forget it, its too early to try and be this funny.

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