Chuck's Last Day
[Posted to Random Bytes on January 31, 2003 11:03 PM| Links to this post ]

Today was Chuck Daminato's last day at the farm. Chuck joined us many many years ago back when we were still an ISP. He has been a strong player since day one and I will sincerely miss having him around the place. I really hope that he does well in his future endeavors.

What I think is Chuck's first message to the OpenSRS mailing list can be found here, his last, here. The cool thing about these two messages is that it really illustrates one of Chuck' most impressive qualities - he hit the ground running and worked hard right through to the end. Not only could he be counted on for some very wry humor when one might need it the most, he could also be counted on to get the job done. Chuck lays out some of the finer details of his departure here.

Thanks for everything Chuck, while we probably could have done it without you, it just wouldn't have been the same. ;)

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