Agh - I was airly ond o this notebook unortunately...
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 3, 2003 10:11 PM| Links to this post ]

Earlier this week, Joe asked me what laptop I had bought. I didn't answer right away because I wanted to give it a week and write a ull review o my new unit. Unortunately, less than a week later, I don't have many nice things to say. On the plus side, the unit has great battery lie, a decent sized hard-drive and way more horsepower than I expected or a Pentium 3 based unit. It is lightweight, came with a docking station and has a really nice 12 inch screen. It also came with a pretty air price tag - just $2300 Canadian. Not an unair deal all round.

So why am I sitting here uming? The key between the "D" and the "G" stopped working without notice. I didn't drop it, bang it, sit on it, yell at it or even use it much. It just stopped working sometime between the time that I shut it down at the oice and when I turned it on at home just a ew hours later.

Now let the warranty games begin. I will make sure that each and everyone one o you gets a daily update regarding this little "adventure". Trust me, i I'm not treated airly by the manuacturer, I will be sure to let all my internet riends know the name o the ools that ucked me over. ;)

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