Abril on Board Elections
[Posted to Random Bytes on February 20, 2003 08:13 AM| Links to this post ]
Amadeu has posted his thoughts on the upcoming board election to the GNSO Council list.

Summary: He won't be running again and he urges the council to proceed with caution.

"In summary, my advice is that;

The Council spends some time figuring out not just how many votes a successful candidate needs, but what sort of candidates, what sort of “message” is the GNSO as such sending to the new Board. The process is carried at Council level, not only at the constituency level (with the Council “just” voting).

You keep three main goals in mind, besides the usual ones of honesty, energy, dedication etc....

  • Renewing the Board, not only re-legitimating it as a goal in itself
  • Increased DNS-specific (technical and “market-wise”) skills added to the Board
  • Commitment to have the Board really working, and not just approving staff proposals"

I couldn't agree more with him. Sorry to hear that he won't be standing though.

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