[Posted to The Changeblog on February 23, 2003 12:53 PM| Links to this post ]
Made a ton of small tweaks to the front page. Mostly around the vibe of the layout - I wasn't crazy happy with the way things looked so drasticly different from the old site in terms of look, style and feel. At least some of the old feel is back. I'm still struggling with weather or not I actually want to go to the trouble of reviving the old look and feel.

Today's tweaks have given me a much greater appreciation for working with CSS - something that I've never really done before, so I might tackle it. Even with the new knowledge, it will take quite a lot of time to make a change that drastic, so I might just wait a bit until I have some more time on my hands. It might just be easier to import the old site into the new look and feel.

I still want to get the insta-blog feature that I was referring to last week installed. Still haven't quite figured out how to do it, but I've got a general idea. I've also got a few more ideas for more closely relating posts and comments inline as opposed to their current organization. This will be my next job, and I might even get to it today.

But not now, time to hop in the shower, take some movies back and get some feed into the belly.

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