Amazon gets ICANN accredited.
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Hmm..its interesting that they list Amazon Legal as the contact. Is this a sign that we can expect more BigCo Trademark Protection Dept.'s to take things into their own hands? Tucows has quite a few resellers that are simply providing internal services to the rest of their company - getting accredited for such a purpose would definitely be the next step, but it is quite a step given the pain-in-the-assish requirements of accreditation. Of course, a bunch of lawyers in a corporate legal department might just take such a thing to be sport.

"1-Click Domain Registration? theodp writes " quietly received approval last December to sell domain names to companies and individuals. Amazon Registrar, Inc. is now listed as an ICANN-Accredited Registrar. More details in this WSJ story (subscription required)." Won't normally post WSJ only articles due to the subscription requirements, but this one is pretty interesting. I'll add a subscription-free link if I can find one."

[via Techdirt]

A belated welcome to the biz folks.

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