The elements of feeling and of thought
[Posted to Random Bytes on March 2, 2003 07:50 PM| Links to this post ]
thumb_4-030203 045.jpgI was going stir crazy today. Call it cabin fever or whatever, I just couldn't handle being inside for yet another day while the weather had its way with the city.

I blew off my chores, did a bare minimum grocery shop and headed out to West Humber Bay Park here in Toronto with the digital camera. Took 50+ shots, heres a few that I like.

Wisdom and spirit of the Universe!
Thou soul is the eternity of thought!
That giv'st to forms and images a breath
And everlasting motion! Not in vain
By day or star-light thus from by first dawn
Of childhood didst thou intertwine for me
The passions that build up our human soul,
Not with the mean and vulgar works of man,
But with high objects, with enduring things,
With life and nature, purifying thus
The elements of feeling and of thought,
And sanctifying, by such discipline
Both pain and fear, until we recognize
A grandeur in the beatings of the heart.
- William Wordsworth (1770 - 1850)

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