Registrars vote to focus membership requirements
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It hasn't been officially announced yet, but in a vote that closed on March 2, 2003, the Registrar Constituency approved a series of bylaws amendments that pare down who can and can't participate in the business of the constituency.

I tabled this motion a month ago as a partial response to ICANN's accreditation of GNR. While we can't necessarily prevent registries from becoming accredited registrars, we have successfully prevented them from interfering with the governance and policy development efforts of the constituency.

The motion was approved with 71% of the votes. The text follows...

"Be it resolved that;

1.0 In keeping with the selective membership criteria of other GNSO constituencies, the registrar constituency represents the interests of a specific sector, specifically those of ICANN Accredited Registrars.

1.1 Therefore to avoid conflicts of interest, this typically excludes entities whose primary relationship with ICANN is as a TLD Registry Operator;

and that our by by-laws be amended to reflect this.

2.0 That any representative of any ICANN recognized gTLD Registry in the possession of, or with access to, Registry Proprietary Information or Registry Sensitive Information, as defined in the relevant ICANN/Registry contract are ineligible to represent the constituency as a whole, either as an elected member of the Executive Committee of the constituency, or as an elected member on a council, task force, or other GNSO or ICANN committee, working group or panel, for a period of one year since the last receipt of such information;

and that our by-laws be amended to reflect this.

3.0 Each candidate for election or appointed to serve as a representative of the constituency in any fashion, including those mentioned in 2.0, must declare potential conflicts of interest, including a declaration to the effect that they have not been in posssession of any Registry Proprietary or Sensitive Information during the 12 months prior to any election.

3.1 Such declaration should be made prior to the commencement of the election process and at regular 6 month interval post election. Excepting that a declaration of any material change in the conflict of interest should be made immediately, or as soon as is practicable, after the material change has occurred.

3.2 Failure to complete any such declaration will be deemed sufficient basis for the constituency Executive Committee to invalidate the election or appointment of the candidate;

and that our by-laws be amended to reflect this."

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