TLD Operator Reserves
[Posted to Random Bytes on March 8, 2003 09:42 AM| Links to this post ]
Brett puts forward a great idea for setting financial reserves for new gTLDs. But wait a second...I think this is a new idea. Hmmm...if its new, that probably means that the existing crop of new operators don't have a similar requirement. Time to take another look at the agreements to find out...

Of course, this isn't as important in the "Ultra-Thin" registry model. I've been struggling with Part II of the new gTLD piece, and Whois, and Privacy, and a Product Definition, and... this past week. Until I break the vapor-lock on these other documents, I won't be adding anything about the Ultra-Thin Registry to the mix - but I will promise to get to it some day in the not-so-distant future.

BTW, I really need a better editor. I've noticed that my emails and posts seem to be much sloppier than they were in the past. Does this automatically come from being in my thirties? Will I even be coherent by the time I'm 40?

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