End to End and Top to Bottom
[Posted to Random Bytes on March 14, 2003 10:19 AM| Links to this post ]
I read stuff like this (Kling not Weinberger) and amazed at how quickly people forget the other important thing about the internet - it is three dimensional. We have the "Inside-Out" that Saltzer, Reed & Clark dubbed the "End-to-End Principle". *BUT* We also have the Bottom-to-Top that we call "the Seven Layer Model" - these aren't different ways of looking at the same thing, they are different parts of the same thing. This gives the 'net the dimensions that it needs to perpetuate itself.

This is also why its okay to do spam filtering at points within the network - as long as its done at the application layer - or outside of the network. Pipes don't need that much intelligence - mail servers might.

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