Celebrity Irreverence and National Irrelevance
[Posted to Random Bytes on April 13, 2003 11:51 PM| Links to this post ]
The only thing stranger than a Canadian winning the Masters is the American women's team claiming top seat at the World Curling Championships. I'll guarantee that there are a bunch of people in Winnipeg wondering if its too late to get Debbie back on the cold side of the border. Strange, but well deserved in both cases.

Speaking of Canada as a tourist destination, I wonder if Bush gave Jean a decent excuse when he cancelled an upcoming trip to Canada this past weekend. If he didn't, here's a few that might fit the bill...

  1. The Secret Service won't let me go.
  2. I didn't know he was going to die.
  3. Canada didn't give me enough notice.
  4. Mexico said it wasn't important anyways.
  5. I've already been to Canada.
  6. I sent Clinton to talk to him instead.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that Chretien would pick these fibs out as lame ducks a mile away - he's already used them all (or at least as much as I needed to paraphrase in order to properly deliver the joke).

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